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Are you searching for a Home away from Home?For the people exclusively seeking peaceful and homely atmosphere combined with the natural grace, Hotel Monalisa is the perfect station.

What’s the story of Hotel Monalisa?

We are located in the outskirts of the World Heritage Site – Chitwan National Park..  Each of our premises have a typical and different personality that relates with its background, giving a natural vibe of staying in Chitwan. Unique pagoda architecture and magnificent interior designed together with flawless, personalised service creates a blissful setting for an ideal holiday destination.

Serene and mild ambiance, peaceful and gracious surroundings, comfortable and cozy suites and not to miss – courteous and cheerful staff. They are our treasured assets and we take immense pride in exhibiting them.

Come stay with us and experience what it feels like to be pampered. Experience ease and simplicity in an environment that will fascinate you. Your satisfaction and solace is our privilege here and we pride ourselves on our exceptional value for money.

Why Monalisa

Located in the midst of Nepal’s Inner Terai, and surrounded by beautiful forests, Hotel Monalisa has the peaceful, homely atmosphere to relax your mind and soul. Although we are a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, we are just minutes from all the famous attractions in Chitwan.

We have served many guests and they have been so fascinated by our generous reception that they have visited us again and again, making us their family.

Our hotel rooms instill a complex private environment with extravagant solaces and conveniences that give the vibe of an inviting home. And not to forget, our attentive and cordial staff are always there to embrace your presence.

We offer a bunch of adventurous activities such as Jeep Safari, Jungle Walk and many more. A variety of escapades await to make your each minute feel thought about. And for those gallivants, this place is no doubt a treat for yourself!

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