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Organic Farm

Indulging ourselves in taking care of our guests takes priority over any other matter. At Hotel Monalisa, we propose a cuisine dependent on the flavors and the shades of the local territory. Here is a festival of the purest ingredients from the land on our doorstep – high-quality meats, vegetables developed in our own farms and mindfully developed grains, all sourced and served tuned in to the rhythms of nature. We encourage the local farmers by only serving the farm-fresh foods and dishes are readied utilizing authentic items that come from our farm.
Animals are also raised in our organic farm in a more sustainable way. Chicken, ducks, goats, and fishes are few of the animals that are raised in our farmstead. Only organic food is given to the animals that are being raised organically and there is the use of technologically advanced equipment for the better growth of plants in our farm. Organic farm at Hotel Monalisa is inspected every now and then to make sure certain standards required to run an organic farm are met. No demand or gimmicks, just beautifully arranged flavor-first food that is consistent with the land it originated from.

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